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About Me

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Science, my first love, I accidentally found myself in the sales world and discovered how much I love business.  Collaborating with teams, working with numbers and developing strategies became a new passion and allowed for personal growth.  I left the corporate world once my first son was born.  It didn’t take long before I found myself back at it but this time as in entrepreneur in the direct sales industry.  I spent a decade in this space and absolutely loved all that it had to offer me as a stay at home Mom.  I found amazing success earning incentive trips and building a team of beautiful souls.  I truly enjoyed mentoring all the women who crossed my path over those years and I look forward to all the women on their way.  

"I believe with all my heart that there are no coincidences and we are meant to meet souls to help us grow or support us on our journey."

Image by Gabrielle Henderson


It’s a blessing to share in ones journey and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to continue mentoring women to discover their life purpose.  To help them to remember who they are, their soul gifts and what they came here to do.  To help them remember their sparkle within.


Fun Fact About Me

For any Human Design enthusiast…… I am an Emotional Manifestor with a 3/5 line which means I was born to have experiences (sometimes unexpected experiences thanks to my incarnate cross) and share them with you.  I listen to my emotional wave before making decisions and I rest A LOT.  Resting allows creative urges to come through and from there I TRUST MY IMPACT.  If you feel magnetized towards me then prepare to have real change happen in your life.  I’m currently working towards a certification in Human Design as a Manifestor and can’t wait to share how you can use Human Design to discover another layer of your life purpose.

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