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You are only one decision away from living a lifestyle filled with more purpose and peace.  Now is the time to take back your power and align to your true heart’s desires. 


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I guide my 1:1 clients through Spark Sessions designed to help them activate and remember their inner sparkle and knowing, to learn how to look for the signs and synchronicities and recognize the breadcrumb trail that their soul is leaving to lead them forward in their life purpose. To identify The Gap between your current self and next level self.  We work together to deepen your connection to your intuition and learn how to tune into the energy you are being so you can manifest and align to your heart’s desires.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez



Sparkle Circle is a 3 month group mentoring program designed to create a sacred community of like-minded women who are ready to raise their vibration and become an energetic match to all that their heart’s desires.  Learn tools to overcome fears, stop self-sabotaging, conquer limited beliefs and tap more into your own intuition and knowing.  It’s time to step into a more expanded version of you.  Your soul is ready!  

Sparkle Circle

Intuitive Card Reading

An hour long 1:1 Intuitive Session where I use a combination of mentoring, business strategy (if applicable) and oracle cards to help you activate the part of your soul that wants to lead you to a higher version of yourself.  These sessions are a powerful way to get a new perspective on your current situation.  Book a session with me and follow your unique breadcrumb trail. Email me by clicking the link below and we'll find a suitable time for your reading.

Intuitive Card Reading

The Perspective Gap

The Perspective Gap is a self-paced audio program that will help you to identify your current Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Energetic self and how you are currently showing up in the world.  When you realize that each of these areas in life are pieces of the life purpose puzzle and when they are healed and aligned there is an indescribable harmony and fulfillment you feel.  The goal is to understand and close the gap between your current self and your next level self by deciding you are ready for a new perspective and to be a more expanded version of you.  

Perspective Gap
Image by Gemma Chua-Tran

Get the support

you need

'Find Your Sparkle Within' is a Facebook community where women in search of fulfillment come together to find support. This safe space was created so that women like you and I can freely express ourselves; our struggles our dreams our journey to healing.



Journaling made simple

It’s time to raise the standard of your life so that you can walk in your life purpose with more intention, purpose and joy.  Start by journaling to see where you are at today and take the inspired action to create a new story.

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