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The most exclusive, high level program offered.  Together in our Spark Sessions we will work to activate you to walk more fully in your life purpose.  We will identify where limited beliefs, fears and stories are holding you back from your higher self. 

$111 per Spark session (total investment $444)


Thank you for your interest in working with me on a deep, meaningful level!


My goal during our Spark Sessions is to identify The GAP.  The Gap is where your limited beliefs, habits, personality, old stories and stuck emotions live.  I will help you to see your Gap and give you tools to work through after each session.   These Spark Sessions are designed to empower you to DECIDE it is time to Change your Perspective and your Core Beliefs.  These stories and beliefs need to be released.  Rewrite your story.  Your soul is ready now.

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The 1:1 Mentoring package includes:

(4)  One hour private Spark Sessions via Phone or Zoom and must be used within 8 weeks

Voxer access is available for those who want laser focused mentoring between calls.  Pricing is an additional $222.

I only accept a very limited number of people into this program.  Click below to inquire about participating in the 1:1 Mentoring. 

$111 per Spark session (total investment $444)


"Wendelyn is an incredible energy mentor.  She has caused major shifts in my life and business.  With her highly intuitive insight, she has provided powerful mentoring for my business team to help them break through mental and emotional blocks and bondages so they can step to the next level.  I would recommend Wendelyn to anyone wanting to advance their life forward in a powerful way." 

~ Sharon

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