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Close the gap between your current self and your next level self by deciding you are ready for a new perspective and to be a more expanded version of you.  

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This self-paced audio program that will help you to identify your current Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Energetic self and how you are currently showing up in the world.  When you realize that each of these areas in life are pieces of the life purpose puzzle and when they are healed and aligned there is an indescribable harmony and fulfillment you feel.  

The Gap is where your limited beliefs, habits, personality, old stories and stuck emotions live.  It’s where you have to DECIDE to Change your Perspective so that you can transmute this stuck energy and Change your Core Beliefs.  If you don’t embody new Beliefs then nothing will Change and your soul is ready for so much more.
Get ready to be a more expanded version of yourself and walk more fully in your life purpose.  To feel more whole and complete and live a more fulfilled lifestyle of joy, love and peace.  

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The Perspective Gap audio program includes:

A total of 6 audio recordings you can listen to at your own pace which guide you through the following areas:

Introduction to the audio program

The Perspective Gap- Physically

The Perspective Gap- Mentally

The Perspective Gap- Emotionally

The Perspective Gap- Spirturally

The Perspective Gap- Energetically

Over 2 hours of recorded powerful content that will help you determine your current reality, identify your personal gap, allow space for a new perspective and become your next level self.

Journal Prompts to help you get the most out of the audios.

Cheering you on for real change and integration through The Perspective Gap!


"Wendelyn is an incredible energy mentor.  She has caused major shifts in my life and business.  With her highly intuitive insight, she has provided powerful mentoring for my business team to help them break through mental and emotional blocks and bondages so they can step to the next level.  I would recommend Wendelyn to anyone wanting to advance their life forward in a powerful way." 

~ Sharon

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